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Understanding Window U-value

When researching replacement windows, you’ve likely stumbled across two terms relating to energy efficiency: R-value and U-value. Both terms are used in the construction industry to define the energy efficiency of a given material, but there are key differences that can be confusing to understand. Choosing the most efficient windows starts with understanding the differences […]

u-value aeroseal

Understanding U-Value and R-Value

Today’s commercial windows are described using industry jargon – U-value, Low-E, SHGC, and R-value. All of these terms can get confusing and make the process of selecting windows and doors more difficult. You probably have questions: for starters, what do these terms mean? And how do they relate to the window’s efficiency rating? Understanding today’s […]

sound reducing windows

Can Windows Reduce Sound Transmission?

Ambient noise is a common problem for tenants in office buildings, apartments, and other properties in urban environments. It can be caused by street traffic, nearby trains, airport traffic, etc. If you’re bothered by incessant environmental noise, you’re likely wondering: is there anything I can do to dampen the sound One place to start is […]


Window Customization Options

All of the windows at Aeroseal are customizable, but what does that entail?  In short: everything. When we place the order for your windows, you can customize any detail about the windows you wish. Learn more about how Aeroseal can make your window dreams come true! For example: a high-performance tinted window with an aluminum […]

building lock

Securing Your Business’s Building

A business is an investment and protecting that investment is vital to you and your employees’ survival. Your building is the container of your business and an unsecure building means an unsecure business, especially if you have sensitive financial information in that building. Larger buildings, such as those owned by corporations, have very secure buildings. […]

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Window Manufacturers List

The East Coast (including MD, DC, VA, PA, DE, CT, MA, NH, NJ, and RI) has many large cities, including Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. Because of the vast size, we have a lot of competition in the commercial construction industry ranging from commercial windows and doors to new building construction. A large amount of […]

Apartment Building

5 Apartment Building Renovations Ideas

As an apartment manager or apartment owner, you understand that the quality of living in your apartment is just as important as the cost. If your apartment building looks like it needs renovations from the outside, you’ll be less likely to attract new tenants. Most tenants start with the cost of the apartment as their […]

window condensation

Window Condensation: Causes and Quick Fixes

Sections in this article: Is Condensation Caused by the Windows? When Does Condensation Most Often Occur? When is Condensation a Sign of Something More Serious? Prevention Methods Throughout the year, window condensation – or window sweating – is a natural occurrence around the windows of your home or office, and it happens most frequently on […]

security door

Tips for Securing Your Commercial Doors

Business owners have a myriad of security options for protecting their properties. Alarm systems, security cameras, and flood lights are all pushed as potential crime deterrents. Yet, even the best alarm won’t stop a criminal if your business’s external doors aren’t properly secured. Inferior commercial doors do not contain security protections, like solid hardware, top-graded […]

commercial aluminum windows

Choosing Commercial Window Frames: What You Need to Know

All windows are made of glass and, regardless of your frame, you can use whichever type of glass you want. However, your choice of frame can determine the lifespan, security, aesthetics, and the overall energy efficiency of your windows and building. During new construction projects, for example, without proper communication, the exterior windows, walls, and […]

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