Carol S. Houck
Assistant to the City Manager Newark, Delaware

I’m writing to thank Aeroseal Contracting Corporation and more importantly you for all of the guidance and quality work provided to the City of Newark for our municipal building window replacement project. As you know, the project was slow to start as a result of its funding being tied to Federal stimulus monies. I appreciate your patience and commitment to assisting Newark as we worked through vendor evaluation and window selection. The outcome is good looking, energy efficient and of high quality at a tremendously competitive price. Many employees have shared positive comments with me since the job was completed.

Newark’s installation was completed on schedule and in accordance with all arrangements and accommodations discussed in advance. While it was necessary to complete our replacements during working hours the disturbance to our employees was minimum and your crew diligent. I would be remise if I didn’t mention that Brian Horvath served exceptionally well as the project site supervisor. He kept me abreast of the work flow, followed through on all of our expectations and quite simply made the project flow smoothly.

As you can tell from the detail above, Newark’s window replacement project was a great success from beginning to end. I had a comfort level with you early on as you answered my questions clearly and provided a professional and descriptive bid for our job. That was unfortunately not the case with the other bidders. For all the reasons noted above it is without hesitation that I highly recommend Aeroseal Contracting Corporation to any business searching for a window contractor.

Casey Hughes
Estimator Harkins Builders, Inc.

With the successful completion of the Basilica Place project I wanted to take a minute and commend Aeroseal for a job well done. From the time I put out the bid, until the final window was installed and tested, I was extremely impressed by your entire team. There is no doubt that Aeroseal was the main contributor to the overall success of the project, and in the process made my life as both an estimator and project manager extremely easy.

During the bidding stage, you were the most engaged, knowledgeable, and innovative subcontractor that I dealt with. This was followed up with extremely competitive pricing, and excellent customer service, which made my decision easy when it was time to contract.

Aeroseal’s impressive performance continued in preconstruction with innovative ideas and excellent upfront coordination. Several times when I hit road bumps in regards to design standards, energy efficiency, and project staging you were always able to quickly provide great suggestions and solutions

Finally during installation, Aeroseal handled the challenges that Basilica Place offered, such as an urban location and occupied units in stride. Your installation team was great, installing the windows in a quality manner, while maintaining an extremely aggressive production schedule and exceeded all of my expectations.

Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Aeroseal, and I can’t say enough about you, Joe, and the entire team. I will continue to recommend you guys to others at Harkins, and would be happy to discuss my positive experience with any of your potential customers. Please feel free to pass along my contact information to any of them.

Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication at Basilica Place and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Stacey Jan
Property Manager Southern Management Corporation

I am writing this letter to recommend Aeroseal Contracting Corporation for the installation of windows and balcony sliding glass doors at Landmark Ridge Apartment Homes.

Aeroseal was awarded the contract to replace all of our apartment home windows and balcony sliding glass doors. We began our project in December 2009 and completed in February 2010, right before the snow storm. During the first month, we experienced a change in our Project Manager. However, the change went fairly smoothly between Aeroseal and my on-site team. Tim, the Project Manager, worked very closely with my Assistant Property Manager and Lead Service Technician to ensure that our residents were appropriately notified, satisfied with the work completed and that everything was cleaned up on a daily basis.

Our resident and my team were very satisfied with the installation process and now are enjoying our new windows. By working closely, we were able to anticipate any resident concerns and prevent mishaps from occurring. We were also able to keep to our schedule to ensure that our project completed on time. All concerns that have been brought to our attention have been immediately repaired and addressed by the Aeroseal team. We are extremely happy with their response to our concerns!

Our team highly recommends Aeroseal for any window or storefront installations. Their communication has always been great throughout and after our project. I hope that this letter assists in your decision making.



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