South Florida Commercial Window Installation

South Florida Commercial Window Installation

At Aeroseal, we offer commercial window installation services through the South Florida area. Our experienced technicians have outfitted all types of commercial properties with durable, lasting window installations for decades. We know the specific challenges faced by property owners in Florida due to climate and weather patterns, and we make it our priority to install the safest, strongest, most reliable window glass and materials available. Examples of buildings we’ve worked on include:

  • High- and mid-rise buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Schools/universities
  • Historic structures
  • Apartment buildings

It is estimated that windows account for as much as 40% of energy loss in most structures. Often, commercial windows that were installed in older buildings are unequipped to withstand heavy winds and rains and become leaky over time. Many do not contain double-pained glass which is incomparably more able to retain heat, allows for better control over internal temperatures, and reduces energy waste. Windows are also frequently installed improperly, which can allow for drafts and for air from within and without to pass through the glass too easily. If you have difficulty controlling internal temperatures or notice drafty windows in your South Florida commercial property, it is most likely time for a window upgrade or replacement.

High-Velocity Hurricane Zones

Some South Florida commercial property owners must take extra steps to ensure their buildings are safe for staff, guests, and others. Windows in South Florida that contain poor-quality, old, or inefficient glass are more likely to shatter and cause damage or even injury in the event of a storm. The climate and weather patterns of the region dictate that windows must meet or exceed Florida build code standards associated with high velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ). Shatter-proof hurricane glass is recommended, in addition to other window products that Aeroseal can help you select based on your specific structure.

HVHZs in South Florida include:

  • Miami/Dade
  • Broward
  • Coastal Palm Beach
  • The Keys

Impact Windows

For property owners in these areas, impact windows are recommended. Made from thick glass and sealed with extra-strength adhesive, impact windows protect buildings and those inside them in the event of a storm. Since extreme weather does occur in South Florida, these windows are critical for ensuring safety. Impact windows are made from laminated glass, which is also known as safety glass. Window frames are made from heavy-duty materials and secured on all four sides of the window opening. Glass must have a design pressure (DP) rating that indicates it is capable of resisting high winds, airborne debris, water, and severe weather in general. This rating is granted if the window passes structural, water, and air filtration testing.

Commercial Window Installation Services in South Florida

Aeroseal offers high-quality window installation in South Florida. Our team brings more than 100 years of collective experience to each and every one of our window installation projects. Every installation is overseen by a project manager that supervises the entire process and maintains constant communication with clients. We are more than happy to plan around busy schedules in order to cause minimal interruption to our clients’ daily routines. Our experience affords us the significant region-specific knowledge needed to truly provide comprehensive commercial window installation services throughout South Florida.

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